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Polyurethane (PUR) SIP

Murus Polyurethane (PUR) Structural Insulated Panels

Murus combined several innovative elements to manufacture Polyurethane (PUR) Structural Insulated Panels. This industry-leading product uses a specially-designed polyurethane closed-cell foam that offers several crucial advantages: strength, thermal performance, and a Class I fire resistance rating.

Key PUR SIP Qualities:

  • Murus uses a proprietary manufacturing method—Uniform Dispersion Molding (UDM)—to manufacture PUR SIPs, injecting liquid polyurethane foam uniformly between two panel skins
  • Combination of polyurethane foam and UDM results in superior R-values and strength and low water-vapor permeability
  • PUR foam does not absorb moisture, so it does not experience diminished R-values that accompany moisture in fiberglass insulation (a mere 1% moisture content can reduce fiberglass batt R-value by 50%)
  • A tongue-and-groove edge profile is molded into every Murus Polyurethane SIP edge, assuring quick, proper alignment of panel-to-panel joints
  • PUR panels are also connected by a patented cam-lock system that saves up to 30% on installation time over other SIPs. Cam-locks located every two feet along the length of a SIP create the tightest possible seal between panels.
  • Murus PUR SIPs carry a Class-1 Fire Resistance rating, the highest rating available for combustible materials.

PUR Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) Technical Specifications

  • Murus OSB-2100PUR

    Murus Structural Insulating Panel
    (OSB/Polyurethane Foam Core/OSB)

  • Murus CLAD-2100PUR

    Murus Structural Insulating Panel
    (OSB/Polyurethane Foam Core/OSB/Tongue and Groove Pine Clad)

  • Murus PTP/FB-2100PUR

    Murus Insulating Panel
    (Pressure-treated Plywood/Polyurethane Foam Core/Fiber Board)

  • Murus CB-2100PUR

    Murus Insulating Panel
    (Cement Board/Polyurethane Foam Core/Cement Board)

  • Murus CP-2100PUR

    Murus Insulating Panel
    (OSB/Polyurethane Foam Core/Sound Board)

  • Murus PTP-2100PUR

    Murus Structural Insulating Panel
    (PTP/PUR Foam Core/PTP)

  • Murus T-1-11-2100PUR

    Murus Structural Insulating Panel
    (OSB/Polyurethane Foam Core/OSB/T-1-11 clad)